Watch This Groom Completely Ruin His Wedding With a Drunk Lap Dance

If looks could kill, the bride’s expression would have set the whole banquet hall on fire, burning anyone who witnessed this fiasco into a thin crisp of a former human. At least then everyone would be dead, with no one left to tell the tale of a groom who made a beginner’s mistake—being the drunkest person at the… » 6/16/15 4:10pm 6/16/15 4:10pm

Best Groomsmen Dance Ever Puts All Other Groomsmen Dances to Shame

Choreographed dancing groomsmen at weddings are becoming like the chocolate fountain. Since everyone has one you kind of have to have an obligatory one, even you're not really 100 percent sold on the idea. But these groomsmen have created the best obligatory groomsmen dance ever and should rightly be hailed as Wedding… » 12/09/14 9:45pm 12/09/14 9:45pm