Bride With Pristine Hymen Gives Dad a Certificate of Her Virginity

When she was 13, Brelyn Bowman made a commitment to her father to remain “pure” until her wedding day. That day arrived on October 10th, and in order to celebrate her wedding and prove to her father that she stayed true to her promise, Brelyn presented him with a certificate from her doctor, one that proves she’s… »10/22/15 11:30am10/22/15 11:30am


Wedding Crasher Bites Cop, Dog After Police Are Called to Remove Him

Weddings are special. Weddings are expensive. Weddings are not to be fucked with. At least that’s what one unidentified 22-year-old man learned over the weekend when he thought it’d be a good idea to show up to a wedding uninvited and disrupt the festivities. Three cops and a dog had to take him down. »10/21/15 6:10pm10/21/15 6:10pm

Here's Kim and Kanye's Awfully Awkward Wedding Dance

This time last year every blogger in the known universe was scouring the internet for pictures of Kim and Kanye’s big day —”little angels blessing us”— while downing bottles of TUMS as our editors urged us to work harder, faster, stronger. Now, to mark a year after the event that almost sent us all to the hospital,… »5/25/15 1:30pm5/25/15 1:30pm

Remember That One Wedding That Was Actually a Huge Drug Sting?

If there’s ever a reason to not show up to a wedding, it’s the risk of being arrested. So if you’re planning a wedding and want to invite some of your favorite drug dealers, you should probably just send the save-the-date to someone else. After the Shiawasse County fake wedding in 1990, it’s unlikely they’re going to… »5/14/15 7:10pm5/14/15 7:10pm

Homophobic Bakers Blame Satan For Canceled GoFundMe Campaign

Remember Melissa Klein? She’s the baker who loves making wedding cakes so much that she just couldn’t allow herself to disrespect her fondant and piping bag by baking a cake for a gay couple. And then, when a judge ruled that all that was actually illegal, she and her husband blamed Satan for not being allowed to… »4/26/15 2:23pm4/26/15 2:23pm

Guy Accidentally Gets Invite to Bachelor Party, Raises $8K to Crash It

Joey DiJulio is a fun guy with a can-do attitude. That's why when he was invited to a stranger's bachelor party by mistake, he didn't just ask to be removed from the list (honestly, who would?) but read about the plans of the party with pleasure until he just couldn't take it anymore and said "I want to gooooo!!!"… »3/24/15 3:45pm3/24/15 3:45pm

See the Terrified Face of a Man Who's Just Torn His Bride's Gown

Welcome, friends, to the circus of wedding horrors — a carnival of terror more horrifying than anything you could imagine. To your left, a row of hideous knockoff dresses from Asia; to your right, the room of unfortunate proposals; and to the center, well, this is our crown jewel — a photo of the exact moment this… »2/17/15 7:45pm2/17/15 7:45pm

Julia Allison's marriage to herself has taken place, and with it comes details of the ceremony: Alli

Julia Allison's marriage to herself has taken place, and with it comes details of the ceremony: Allison writes on Facebook that she "greatly appreciated the naked man who looked like Jesus dancing like a crazy person to 'Don't Stop Believing' played at the reception. It was an 'Only at Burning Man' moment." She also… »9/02/14 6:10pm9/02/14 6:10pm