Major Health Websites Are Leaking Your Embarrassing STD Search Results

Don't do it. Don't Google "difference between genital warts and razor burn" or "what is gout exactly" + "images." Don't do it, because you'll end up diagnosing yourself with brain cancer or mono — all online hypochondriacs eventually come to that fork in the road — when all you have is an ingrown hair, but also… »7/15/13 3:40pm7/15/13 3:40pm


Dr. Google Thinks You're Way Sicker Than You Actually Are

Here's a new survey from the Department of Obvious Things: when ladies get sick, they're much more likely to consult Dr. Google than their actual doctors. And when they do that, Dr. Google helpfully provides the wrong diagnosis. If these women going to the internet are anything like me, Dr. Google is probably telling… »4/18/12 11:20am4/18/12 11:20am

Does Jennifer Lopez Have Gallstones? Dr. Jezebel Is On The Case

We've been expecting Jennifer Lopez to announce that she's expecting. And she says not a word! Has she been attending the Christina Aguilera School of Silence? (Earlier, Perez Hilton reported that Marc Antony's ex-wife, Dayanara Torres, confirmed the pregnancy, but she has since backtracked.) Now we're forced to… »10/09/07 5:00pm10/09/07 5:00pm

When It Comes To Women's Health, WebMD Is Still Living For, Well, Yesterday

Apparently the folks over at WebMD didn't get the memo today about new recommendations for women at risk of one of the deadliest types of cancer. We know this because we went to WebMD to type in some of the newly-identified symptoms — "bloating", "fullness" "pelvic pain" and "tenderness to touch" — and instead of… »6/13/07 5:20pm6/13/07 5:20pm