Will This 15-Year-Old Suicide Victim's PSA Actually Convince Bullies to Knock it Off?

Amanda Todd, the Vancouver-area 15-year-old who allegedly killed herself this week after years of cyber bullying, is famous now, thanks to the chilling anti-bullying video she posted on YouTube a few weeks before her death. But there's nothing special or unique about Amanda's story. That's why it's so powerful. »10/12/12 1:40pm10/12/12 1:40pm

Now You Can Test Out Shelter Cats Without Being Guilted into Taking Them All Home

A wonderful new innovation has paved the way for a guilt-free adoption process whereby a potential cat mommy or daddy can play with a cat remotely, without ever having to get too close to an animal only to be like, "Um, sorry, no home for you." A no-kill shelter in Los Angeles has just instituted "i-Pet," which lets… »8/18/12 5:00pm8/18/12 5:00pm

Former Webcam Overeater Says Ex's Feeder Fetish Was 'About Control'

A woman who once told a UK tabloid that she wanted to be the "fattest woman in the world" after tipping the scales at 600 lbs has changed her tune in recent months, abandoning her lucrative service where she allowed subscribers to watch her eat on a webcam and losing 80 pounds. She's also experienced a series of… »12/19/11 7:40pm12/19/11 7:40pm