Local News Report Completely Derailed By Spider

What happens when a local Indiana news show segues from a segment with spiders to the weather report? In this case, a particularly arachnophobic weatherman very much loses your cool and attempts to give the weather report from the back of the studio, by an exit. When the bullyish male news anchor decides to wear the… » 9/02/11 4:40pm 9/02/11 4:40pm

Uma's Stalker Found Guilty • Weatherman Wants "Stick" Licked

Uma Thurman's stalker found guilty of stalking and being creepy. • Weather Channel anchor man wanted female co-anchor to allegedly "lick [his] swizzle stick." • Ecuadorian dudes who suck in bed protest women's orgasm education amendment. • Homeless mom is arrested after toddler drinks GHB at a house they both visited.… » 5/06/08 5:30pm 5/06/08 5:30pm