A Ladies' Primer on The Best Weapons for Self-Defense

Like most people who have watched too many episodes of Law & Order, I'm acutely aware of the danger of being a lady walking alone at night, especially if I'm in a neighborhood frequented by C-list former TV stars. But when I looked into the best ways to protect myself, I was overwhelmed by my options. So you don't have… » 1/13/12 6:30pm 1/13/12 6:30pm

For The Lady Who Has Everything, How About Some Blinged-Out Pepper…

Is regular pepper spray a bit too drab for your tastes? Then head over to Guardian Girls, where this year's It Weapon is available covered in Swarovski crystals for $74.95. The site also sells a taser for $369.95. It, sadly, is bling-free. » 12/19/11 4:50pm 12/19/11 4:50pm

Artist Peter Gronquist opened a show in Los Angeles called "The Revolution Will Be Fabulous" in which he featured a bunch of stuff that can kill people — electric chairs, hand grenades, rocket launchers, machine guns — that he turned into designer knockoffs, like this "Louis Vuitton chainsaw" at left. [Dvice via Gizmodo] » 5/06/08 6:20pm 5/06/08 6:20pm