Watch Gloria Allred Out-Pageant a Pageant Kid

This is an oldie, but a goodie: On a 2011 episode of We The People with Gloria Allred, the honorable judge herself had brief interaction with a 10-year-old witness named Madison whose mother was forcing her to do pageants. Also forced? Every single part of this conversation. » 3/16/12 2:20pm 3/16/12 2:20pm

Petition Urges President To Disclose Existence Of Aliens

Through a new online portal, you can now petition the president directly. And concerned citizens are using their new power to address our country's most pressing issue: aliens. » 9/24/11 1:15pm 9/24/11 1:15pm

The Foreign Celebrities You Must Know To Be Naturalized

You'd think weapons scientists and surgically altered actresses had nothing in common, right? You'd be wrong about that. But perhaps the only way to discover the connection is, as I did, to become an American citizen. » 8/17/10 1:20pm 8/17/10 1:20pm

Inaugural Guests, From Malia To Jay-Z

The inauguration this year seemed to have more famous faces in one place than ever before. In the gallery below, take a look at the celebrities and politicians with the best seats in the nation. » 1/20/09 12:50pm 1/20/09 12:50pm