Comedians Give Women's Cable Networks the 'Thank You' They Deserve

We're nearing the end of Women's History Month and, with that, comedy duo Emotistyle is giving some much needed gratitude to the television networks that empower us, tell our stories and routinely show us beating the shit out each other. » 3/30/15 11:40pm Monday 11:40pm

Madonna's Red Carpet, Where The Clothes Are Better Than The Movie

Madonna's first directorial effort, W.E. premiered last night in England at the BFI London Film Festival. Apparently the critics tore her movie a new one. I shall be a little gentler in my assessment. Onward to the outfits! » 10/24/11 2:00pm 10/24/11 2:00pm

In That Outfit, Her Madgesty Is Clearly Not A Messy Eater

[Cannes, July 29. Madonna directs scenes from her latest movie project, "W.E.," a biopic of the love affair between King Edward VII and Wallis Simpson. Image via Bauer-Griffin] » 7/29/10 6:45pm 7/29/10 6:45pm

Joan Rivers To Star in Reality Show With Daughter Melissa

Mother Knows Best will air on WE in December. And if you saw the documentary A Piece Of Work, you know Joan is hilarious when unscripted, off the cuff and trying to make money. » 7/14/10 11:43am 7/14/10 11:43am

Putting The "We" In Wedded Bliss

A new study says couples who refer to themselves as "we" a lot, as opposed to "I" or "me," have stronger marriages. This is probably because no one else can fucking stand them. [EurekAlert] » 1/28/10 6:20pm 1/28/10 6:20pm

No Longer Quivering: Breaking Out Of The Movement (Army Of Kids In Tow)

If you caught yesterday's Secret Lives of Women, you'll know it didn't contain that many insights into the Quiverfull lifestyle - possibly because it was titled "Born to Breed?" The most interesting by far? The woman who left the movement: » 11/11/09 6:40pm 11/11/09 6:40pm

Wedded Bliss

Based on the success of WE staples like Bridezillas, Cablevision is launching a 24/7 wedding channel, fulfilling our goal of thinking of nothing but wedding planning, all the time. [NYP] » 7/02/09 12:20pm 7/02/09 12:20pm

How Women's Television Is Just Like Sex And The City

Slate's TV columnist Troy Patterson parses the programming on the three women's television networks today, and, reading Patterson's descriptions of each lady network, I had to wonder: could the networks be categorized using the ultimate post-modern archetypes, Sex and the City characters? It is the Most Important Show… » 12/13/07 2:00pm 12/13/07 2:00pm