A Brief Look Back at Lip$ha, Kesha's Lost Project With the Flaming Lips

Miley Cyrus’s 2015 noise collaboration with the Flaming Lips was notable not just because it was a document of the former squeaky-clean teen queen’s descent into full weirdo adulthood. It was also notable because Kesha had already done something similar, with the Flaming Lips, for a project that has yet to be released.


Watch the Video for Miley’s New Weed-and-Glitter-Fueled Single

Miley’s free-love surprise album hit the internet like a glitter bath bomb last night, an off-label release just after her VMA-closing, neon drag-queen extravaganza introducing her new sound. The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, who co-produced “Dooo It,” told the New York Times, “Miley is the new Madonna,” referring to the…