Take the Pledge: I Will Not Have Sex With Anyone Who Wears an AppleWatch

Imagine: you're lying in bed, the perfume of lovemaking still stinging your nostrils and firing your neurons, legs tangled with your partner. Baby, that sex with you was so good, you coo, rolling over—only to discover that your partner is wearing a gold miniature smartphone on his wrist. Don't ever let this happen. »3/10/15 4:44pm3/10/15 4:44pm

Men Get Rad Calculator Watches, Ladies Get Shitty Gift with Purchase

I know it's not rad in terms of things being rad today, but YOU KNOW you would've hella wanted that watch in 1982. It's totally what I thought the iPhone was before I had one, just hella magical and futuristic and LOOK AT ALL THAT SHIT IT REPLACES. I know, I know, it would disintegrate the second it touched human… »11/08/12 10:00pm11/08/12 10:00pm