Kristin Cavallari Admits 'The Hills' Was Totally Fake, Right Down to Her Makeout Session With Justin Bobby

Last night, Kristin Cavallari went on Watch What Happens Live (to promote her shoe line? because she has one?) and played the customary game "Plead the Fifth," during which she was asked, "How fake was The Hills?" Her answer: "Pretty fake." She admitted that producers told the cast what to say and that fights and…

Snooki's UTI Was From Anal Sex, and Other Things You Didn't Need to Know About Her Genitals

Last night, in some reality TV crossover weirdness, MTV's Jersey Shore stars Snooki and JWoww appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, where they really opened up to host Andy Cohen, mostly about the goings-on of their vaginas. We learned that Snooki got a UTI from anal sex, that "everyone" from the Jersey Shore