Michael Jackson's Thriller Epically Performed with Stop-Motion Lego

If you don't care about the Mileys and the Biebers like most sane humans of this world, one of the most iconic music videos to you is probably Michael Jackson's Thriller. Or maybe Billie Jean. Or is it Smooth Criminal? Beat It? Actually, it can be five more MJ creations. But Thriller is somethin'. And it's even more… »10/12/13 4:15pm10/12/13 4:15pm

We Made Our Own Ad For Ellen Page's New Video Game

Sure, video games these days can simulate hyper-realistic alien murder, but what about the life of a young actress? Ellen Page Simulator 2014 hopes to do exactly that, letting you shape the Canadian starlet's personality, from what dolls she chooses to play with to working up the courage for her first kiss. »10/09/13 9:30pm10/09/13 9:30pm

Plastic Surgery World Record Holder Was Teased As A Kid

55-year-old Cindy Jackson — whom we've met before — has spent over $100,000 on fifty-two different cosmetic procedures in her life. How is this possible, you ask? In her own words, she's had "14 full-scale operations with anestethics—only 14—but I've had botox, my upper and lower eyes done twice, five facelifts,… »4/05/11 12:35pm4/05/11 12:35pm