Levi Johnston Doesn't Have Time To Run For Mayor Of Wasilla

A year ago, Levi Johnston said he couldn't watch his ex Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars because he was too busy studying up on the issues that affect the people of Wasilla, Alaska. Now it turns out all that book learnin' was for naught, because he's decided not to run for mayor. His attorney tells the… »8/23/11 10:40pm8/23/11 10:40pm

Debunking The Sarah Palin Rape Kit "Debunkers"

Spawned by a bunch of Republiblog chatter last week "debunking" the "theory" that Wasilla forced victims to pay for rape kits, the National Review »9/24/08 5:00pm9/24/08 5:00pm's Jim Garaghty takes up his white armor and rushes to Sarah Palin's defense despite — as Feministing's — the basic facts are, well, facts. I.e., true! But who needs facts?…

Pamela Anderson Has Some Advice For Sarah Palin

  • Noted anti-fur activist has some advice for noted huntress Sarah Palin: "She can suck it." Yet another woman with a legitimate policy disagreement with Sarah Palin. [Huffington Post]
  • By the way, Todd Palin's about to break his subpoena cherry, as he's expected to be subpoenaed to testify about his role in TrooperGate.…
  • »9/12/08 6:40pm9/12/08 6:40pm