Washington Gets $70M from Legal Weed Tax Revenue During First Year

Washington state launched its legal marijuana market around this time in 2014, and in this past year, weed sales reached $250 million with about $62 million of it constituting excise taxes. Once you include the states local sales and other taxes, the total revenue for the year for both state and local governments… »7/05/15 5:30pm7/05/15 5:30pm


Same-Sex Couples Can Now Marry in Washington State, as They Damn Well Should

Gay marriage is officially legal in Washington as of today! Some of the state's same-sex couples lined up for hours yesterday in the cold so they could get marriage licenses in King County, which opened the doors to its auditor's office in Seattle at 12:01 AM because, as County Executive Dow Constantine told the AP,… »12/06/12 10:50am12/06/12 10:50am

Terribly Reasonable Pro-Gay Marriage Ad Threatens the Sanctity of Stupidity

In November, voters in Washington will decide whether or not gay marriage should be legal in the state. Groups on both sides are revving up for a heated battle ("Let people who love each other do what they want!" vs. "But, ew!") but a new ad puts the rhetoric in a plain, difficult to argue with, and straightforward… »8/06/12 4:20pm8/06/12 4:20pm

On Race, Gender, Michelle Obama, And The Politics Of Twitter

Another day, another roadtrip, as the Washington Independent's personal Attackerman, Spencer Ackerman, joins me live from the Netroots Nation conference in Austin, Texas. Topics discussed: Arianna Huffington's ability to channel the evil that is Karl Rove, race relations and the old-guard feminist movement in America,… »7/18/08 10:00am7/18/08 10:00am