There's Nothing 'Startling' About the Success of Colorado's IUD Program

Colorado, in the past six years, has run an incredibly successful initiative in reproductive health: by providing free long-acting birth control to teens and low-income women starting in 2009, the state slashed the teen pregnancy rate by 40 percent by 2013, and the teen abortion rate by 42 percent. »7/07/15 11:00am7/07/15 11:00am

Hillary Clinton Never Should Have Granted That Interview To US Weekly, Camille Paglia Tells US Weekly

  • On the eve before the Texas/Ohio primaries that could end the Hillary Clinton candidacy, Camille Paglia decided to give an exclusive interview to...US Weekly. In which: she praises Barack Obama for his superior kung fu skills and rails against Hillary for hiring a team "so self-infatuated with their own clever…
  • »3/03/08 7:30pm3/03/08 7:30pm

Amanda "Hasselbeck 2.0" Carpenter Thinks Taxes Are "Too Tough" For Pink Feminazi Pinkoblogs

Some props before I launch into today's galactic hatefest: Glamour, you done good with Glamocracy. God, that is a fucking imbecilic name, but not only do your political blogs' commenters prove that not all your readers are as dumb as your editors seem to assume, but some of the women you've chosen to write are pretty… »12/20/07 3:00pm12/20/07 3:00pm