Bridesmaids Director Pitched a Wonder Woman Comedy to Warner Bros

Another day, another highly hypothetical speculation about the potential of a Wonder Woman movie to burst out of the miasma of patriarchy and enact righteous justice upon the box office. This one is a bit unconventional, though: in recent interview with IGN, Paul Feig — who notably directed both Bridesmaids and The » 10/13/13 12:30pm 10/13/13 12:30pm

Wonder Woman can be made into a movie, and this amazing short is proof

Warner Bros. often says it's "difficult" to make a movie about the world's best-known superheroine. Something tells me that if Warner Bros. ever gets its act together to make a Wonder Woman movie — and that's a big if — that it's not going to look half as awesome as this incredible, fan-made short. » 9/30/13 8:34pm 9/30/13 8:34pm

Marcel the Shell Creator Jenny Slate Is Working on a Top-Secret Looney…

Many of the Looney Tunes may be just a touch too violent and racist for any more big screen forays in the 21st century, but Warner Bros. really, really wants to make a profitable Looney Tunes movie after Looney Tunes: Back in Action floundered under the weight of Brendan Fraser's decaying career. To the end, the… » 9/20/12 10:25pm 9/20/12 10:25pm

Kimora Lee Simmons & New Man Having Lots Of Sex

  • Go ahead and file this under things you hate yourself for wanting to know more about: Kimora Lee Simmons wants another baby — and she wants boyfriend Djimon Hounsou to be the daddy. Seems like they spent the weekend in Antigua uh, trying. [Page Six]
  • Click! Joaquin Phoenix hung up on a reporter from Time Out New York
  • » 10/11/07 9:00am 10/11/07 9:00am