One of These Hillary Clintons Is Not Like the Others

Hillary Clinton showed up for a meeting of the G-20 Foreign Ministers in Mexico and lived every party guests' nightmare: wearing the wrong outfit. The State Department said there was no dress code issued that they'd missed; so it wasn't by design that she wore a bold color while everyone else wore boring old white.… »2/21/12 11:15pm2/21/12 11:15pm

Nation Traumatized By New Spate Of Exposed Celebrity Breasts

In 2004, one of Janet Jackson's breasts was exposed during the Super Bowl halftime show, leaving a lasting scar on the nation's psyche. Now seven years later, though many of us still require psychiatric treatment thanks to the trauma of seeing Miss Jackson's bejeweled nipple, America has been hit by a new wave of… »8/14/11 11:13pm8/14/11 11:13pm