Ooh, It's Wanderlust, aka The Movie During Which Jen Aniston And Justin Theroux Fell In Hipster Love

Today we get our first look at Wanderlust, the movie directed by David Wain and filled to the brim with funny people: Paul Rudd, Malin Ackerman, Ken Marino, Alan Alda, Jennifer Aniston, and Justin Theroux. You'll see jokers from The State, and you'll also see the set where Jen and Justin started to get cozy with each… »11/03/11 5:20pm11/03/11 5:20pm


Flight Attendant's Idea To Make Flying Friendlier Is Taking Off

Traveling by air can be a pain in the ass. Long security lines, cramped planes, the potential of crashing and the threat of being blown up add to the general feeling of anxiety. Since everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten, shortly after 9/11, Jewel Van Valin, a Delta flight attendant, decided to nudge… »7/22/08 5:40pm7/22/08 5:40pm