Look at This Fucking Hipster: Orphaned Baby Walrus to Find Home in Brooklyn

Mitik is a 15-week orphaned baby walrus that was found abandoned in open ocean this past July. Since then, he has been in holding (alongside another baby walrus named Pakak) at the Alaska SeaLife Center as he recovers from a slew of medical issues, including bladder problems and the inability to bottle feed — which,… »10/10/12 3:30pm10/10/12 3:30pm

Giant Dancing Walrus Should Win Custody of Jackson Children

I... okay. So this was first posted in March, but only now has it hit maximum viral capacity. And why not? What better way to Gorilla Glue the torn-asunder Jackson family unit back together than the well-trained swagger* of a large-flippered marine mammal† in Troy Aqua Park and Dolphinarium in Belek, Turkey? There is… »7/28/12 4:45pm7/28/12 4:45pm