Finally, A Perfume That Makes You Smell Like a Book

Are you a serious bookworm? Are you seeking to impress people with your love of reading or attract only the most erudite of mates? Then perhaps you would like to invest in a bottle of Paper Passion, the perfume that will make you smell exactly like a freshly printed book—because, as Karl Lagerfeld says, "The smell of… » 6/03/12 9:45pm 6/03/12 9:45pm

Orgasm Faces: Immersion: Porn Brings Voyeurism To The Fore

Robbie Cooper's film of young adults discussing (and demonstrating) their love of pornography is now up on Wallpaper's website. Featuring three women and three men, the film is essentially SFW (with the exception of some audio), but still fairly unsettling. » 6/12/09 2:40pm 6/12/09 2:40pm

Up Close & Personal: Wallpaper's Safe For Work Porn Portraits Reach A…

Readers of the NY Times may remember artist Robbie Cooper's Immersion project - an update on Errol Morris' Interrotron - which captures the expressions of everyday people doing everyday things. For his latest installment, he's focusing on pornography and masturbation. » 6/03/09 1:20pm 6/03/09 1:20pm