This Man Gets Paid By The Wall Street Journal To Be Sexist

Though we've covered Wall Street Journal Op-Ed contributor James Taranto's history of being "a prolific woman-hating troll" in writing, Hannah Groch-Begley and Coleman Lowndes of Media Matters have done us a solid and compiled some of Taranto's most offensive video appearances together into a short but compelling… »1/07/14 11:50am1/07/14 11:50am

Mac from It’s Always Sunny Is Camille Paglia’s Spirit Animal

It's not for us to fret over the various pronouncements proto-troll Camille Paglia heaves at the general public — they're all meant to be incendiary, like tiny word grenades full of phrases or sentiments meant to ruffle liberal feathers. She has all the academic credentials that your favorite liberal arts professor… »12/28/13 3:30pm12/28/13 3:30pm

The WSJ Needs to Stop Publishing James Taranto's Rape Apologia

Instead of freaking out about James Taranto's latest vile Wall Street Journal op-ed, which claims the campaign against military sexual assault is a "war on men" that "shows signs of becoming an effort to criminalize male sexuality," we asked the paper's editors to defend Taranto's slimy piece. Unsurprisingly, none of… »6/18/13 3:50pm6/18/13 3:50pm

Selfish Women Will Ruin Everything If They're Allowed to Be Army Rangers, Says Selfish Man

It feels like we've been having the same argument about women in the military since before the Planet Earth was even formed, but since we're finally at a point where women might soon be allowed into all areas of service, even combat, the anti-lady forces are really starting to lose their shit. At issue right now is… »6/14/12 10:25am6/14/12 10:25am

Some Choice Excerpts from the WSJ's Inexplicable 1,500 Word Essay on Hair Dye

You guys! Did you know that some ladies are — gasp! — dyeing their hair at home these days?! Brave souls, right? The Wall Street Journal reports that more than half of U.S. women dye their own hair, yet still feels compelled to publish an oddly lengthy tome on the intricacies of the act. Here, without context, are… »5/17/12 6:15pm5/17/12 6:15pm

You Can Look Forward to Playing a Workplace Version of the Hunger Games

Finding a job is hard enough these days. Then once you've got one, you've got to work your ass off while also dealing with office politics and annoying coworkers. Well, it's about to get even worse for some of you, because there's a growing trend among companies of encouraging their employees to compete in "fun"… »5/03/12 1:15pm5/03/12 1:15pm

Teenagers Wear Pajamas to School, Erode Moral Fiber of Society

It often seems like the biggest ambition of most Americans is to be 110% comfortable during every moment of their existence, especially when it comes to their fashion choices. And it looks like our nation's youth are doing their very best to blaze new trails in this quest for constant comfort. According to the Wall… »1/19/12 1:00pm1/19/12 1:00pm