Couples in Relationships Walk Together at the Woman's Slow-Ass Speed

Here are the facts as we know them. Men, in general, walk faster than women. However, when hetero romantic couples (oooOOOh) are walking together they usually walk at the same speed. BUT WHO SETS THE SPEED? Can we get a high step for all the ladies in the house? Turns out we live in a Matriarchal Walking Society.… » 10/23/13 9:30pm 10/23/13 9:30pm

This Is How You Live Forever: 103-Year-Old Man Walks the Mall Everyday

Mekey Yetashawork, a retired pharmacist in Denver, walks the perimeter of his local mall daily. He credits it for keeping him alive to 103 years old, and I totally believe that. Walking is the best! If you can physically do it, the health rewards are great, and the risks are small. Plus, you get out in the world and… » 1/09/13 9:50am 1/09/13 9:50am

Mobile Phones Find Creative New Ways to Maim Distracted Pedestrians

If people don't stop seriously injuring themselves because they're walking in a crowded city with their eyes trained on the latest cat-and-monkey-become-best-friends-and-steal-a-shopping-cart video, then some lawmaker is going to sense that there's an easy way to start generating revenue by having police issue… » 7/31/12 9:45am 7/31/12 9:45am

Very Busy Woman Is So Busy Texting That She Walks Off a Pier

Bonnie Miller was walking on a pier in Benton Harbor, Michigan, with her husband Greg and her 15-year-old son, Quinn. She realized she'd made an appointment for the wrong time and took out her phone to text. The next thing she knew, she'd fallen off the pier and into a river channel that leads to Lake Michigan. Oops.… » 3/27/12 9:30am 3/27/12 9:30am

"A Free, Fluid, Energetic, Sensual Walk": Details From The Gait/Orgasm Study

Thanks to several intrepid readers, we now have a copy of "A Woman's History of Vaginal Orgasm is Discernible from Her Walk," the study we discussed » 9/05/08 2:30pm 9/05/08 2:30pm earlier today. As you might expect, it's chock-full of obnoxious. The study opens with a quote from Virgil: "The goddess was discovered by her gait." As if the idea of…