National Treasure Amber Rose Presents Delightful Guide to Mastering the 'Walk of No Shame' 

Amber Rose is, factually, looking better and having a better time than pretty much everyone. She’s parlayed that into an inspiring public service announcement with Funny or Die, in which she has sex with a rando and struts home the next morning, shoes in hand, going-out dress riding both up and down, waving cheerily… »9/15/15 2:20pm9/15/15 2:20pm


Tell Us About the Worst Halloween Walk of Shame You've Ever Seen

Halloween's awesome, but the morning after can be embarrassing as shit. On Friday night everyone was drunk and wearing costumes, but on Saturday morning everything was back to normal and sad princesses rode the train home, wondering why they'd agreed to hook up with a dude who lived three transfers away. Did that… »11/03/14 6:10pm11/03/14 6:10pm