New York AG: Most 'Herbal Supplements' Are Complete and Utter Bullshit

The New York attorney general has ordered GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart to clean house. He says they're selling fraudulently labeled, bullshit "herbal supplements" that've got to go, pronto, and he also wants to know exactly how they're verifying the products they carry. » 2/03/15 9:50am 2/03/15 9:50am

Walmart Nixes Engagement Pic With Shotgun for Promoting Gang Culture  

This story of Walmart censoring a couple's engagement picture because it featured a shotgun might be the most Texas story of all time. » 1/08/15 11:35pm 1/08/15 11:35pm

Toddler Shoots and Kills His Mother at Walmart  

A Walmart in Idaho was the scene of a terrible tragedy when a two-year-old child reached into his mother's purse and accidentally shot and killed her with her own gun. » 12/30/14 9:10pm 12/30/14 9:10pm

Valentine's Day Is Already Starting 

Christmas leftovers are still edible and yet stores are already rolling out the Valentine's Day paraphernalia. Jesus Christ, can't we let these holidays breathe a little? » 12/26/14 1:50pm 12/26/14 1:50pm

​I Pulled a Black Friday All-Nighter & Lived to Tell the Tale (Barely)

It's Thanksgiving evening, roughly 7:30 p.m. "Are you sure you don't want to bail?" my mother-in-law asks, with barely concealed concern, as we approach the exit for the Secaucus, New Jersey Walmart. I promise I'll text updates and swear that if something goes hideously awry and I'm marooned in a sea of big-box… » 12/03/14 2:10pm 12/03/14 2:10pm

​Walmart Pulls Racist and Islamophobic "Pashtun Papa" Costume

It may officially be November, but that doesn't mean we're safe from the tragedy that is terrible Halloween costumes. This time, it's this crazy racist "Pashtun Papa Islamic Costume." It's a perfect ending to a banner year for straight up asinine-disguised-as-topical costumes. » 11/01/14 1:22pm 11/01/14 1:22pm

Walmart's Website Features a Section of 'Fat Girl Costumes'

Retail giant Walmart is reaching out to the plus size market in an ill-advised way this Halloween: by offering online shoppers a section of "Fat Girl Costumes." » 10/27/14 9:50am 10/27/14 9:50am

Nicki Minaj's Ass, Bent on World Domination, Gets Censored by Apple

Nicki Minaj is a great many things and sometimes it's tiring for her. But now she's pulling it together by not giving a fuck anymore, even as companies like Apple and Spotify are boasting parental advisory stickers over her butt. » 8/05/14 1:40pm 8/05/14 1:40pm

Walmart Fires Worker for Being Pregnant

Walmart — a chain store that is notorious for underpaying its workers and treating its female employees like shit — has allegedly fired a pregnant female employee after ostensibly changing its policy to better accommodate pregnant women. Color me shocked. » 8/04/14 2:40pm 8/04/14 2:40pm

Bet On Your Baby Is a Real TV Show and It's Insane

Attention, America: There is a very real network TV show called "Bet on Your Baby," where parents bet on what their babies will do. On television. For money. It's like one of Jack Donaghy's ideas escaped into the wild and began breeding with the late-afternoon lineup. » 7/02/14 11:40am 7/02/14 11:40am

Here Are the Best Notes From Management You Will See Today

Shane is allegedly (allegedly) a Walmart deli worker with a penchant for pranks. These series of notes, which popped up on imgur last night are reported to be left by his frustrated (yet very lenient) managers, who are both frustrated with and clearly in love with the little scamp. » 6/24/14 6:40pm 6/24/14 6:40pm

Dude Arrested for Masturbating Inside a Walmart...Again

A 26-year-old Tulsa man was arrested this weekend after pulling out his penis in the middle of a Walmart and masturbating it "with a back and forth motion." The incident follows another arrest last November, when a different man was caught masturbating in a different Tulsa Walmart. I guess some people really LOVE A… » 6/19/14 12:20pm 6/19/14 12:20pm

Woman Sues Walmart for Destroying Her Butt-Length Hair

A Portland woman is suing Walmart and a shampoo manufacturer, saying they ruined the Rapunzel-like locks she'd been cultivating since childhood with their shitty dandruff shampoo. She wants $10,000 for her suffering and also to buy some new hair. » 4/16/14 12:00pm 4/16/14 12:00pm

Wal-Mart Launching a Cheap Organic Food Line to Destroy Whole Foods

In an effort to cash in on our nation's current hunger for "organic" foods, Wal-Mart is launching an extensive new line of organic products. The Wild Oats line (itself a former Whole Foods brand) will retail for about 25% less than equivalent products at more established organic grocery stores. » 4/10/14 3:45pm 4/10/14 3:45pm

Man Sucks Unwilling Woman's Toes in Wal-Mart

It was like a bizarro scene from Sex and the City, except, unlike Charlotte, Erika Porras didn’t get new shoes out of the experience. » 3/21/14 10:40am 3/21/14 10:40am

Beauty Pageant's Miss Congeniality Arrested for Shoplifting at Walmart

A "Miss Congeniality" winner in Lewis County, Washington is accused to stealing makeup at Walmart in the days before her pageant appearance. » 3/17/14 9:40am 3/17/14 9:40am

Communities With More Walmart Stores Also Have More Crime

According to a new study, Walmart's vast expansion in the 1990s correlates directly with a decline in crime reduction. In other words, more Walmarts = more criming. It's not that simply gazing upon that fucking Rollback Smiley causes people to go out and STAB EVERYTHING—it's more that Walmart tends to open stores in… » 2/13/14 3:20pm 2/13/14 3:20pm

Owners, Managers Charged in Bangladesh Factory Fire

The factory fire at Tazreen Fashions Ltd. (a Walmart clothing supplier) that killed over 100 people last year was Bangladesh's worst garment factory fire ever. It led to increased scrutiny over the sourcing practices of some huge cheap clothes purveyors such as Walmart and H&M, and now, thanks to a long police… » 12/22/13 2:00pm 12/22/13 2:00pm