America: Where It's Okay to Regulate Women, But Not Guns

Will yesterday's tragic and terrible mass shooting in Washington DC finally jolt elected officials to pull their heads out of their holsters and start considering some real gun control like human beings with feelings that extend beyond a desire to secure the AK-fellating firearm hoarder vote? To answer my own… »9/17/13 3:40pm9/17/13 3:40pm

Court Rules that Anti-Choice Law Can't Be Used to Prosecute Mother Who Aborted at Home

Jennie Linn McCormack, the Idaho woman whose story of a self-induced abortion that resulted in criminal charges is among the most depressing things you'll ever read, got a big legal win today when a US Circuit Court ruled that her home state couldn't charge her with any crime. Idaho's draconian anti-abortion laws put… »9/11/12 7:00pm9/11/12 7:00pm

Exactly How Much Money Have 'Fiscal Conservatives' Wasted Defending Unconstitutional Abortion Laws?

Last week, a judge in Oklahoma permanently blocked the enforcement of a law that banned medicinal abortions (RU-486, or "the abortion pill") on the grounds that the law places undue burden on women seeking medical care. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a nearly identical bill into law earlier this year. The… »5/15/12 6:20pm5/15/12 6:20pm

Why Not Require a 72-Hour Waiting Period for Every Major Life Decision?

Utah, that beautiful, almost square land teeming with natural rock formations and very friendly Mormons, has enacted the country's longest pre-abortion waiting period. Women there must now wait for 72 hours — three days! — before receiving abortion care. Legislators say that the waiting period is in place to give a… »5/08/12 1:55pm5/08/12 1:55pm

Study Shows Women are Plenty 'Informed' About What Abortion is Without an Ultrasound & Lecture

Here's some science that will smack anti-abortion legislation in the face with facts: a new study shows that pre-abortion ultrasounds and waiting periods don't actually serve to "educate" or "inform" women seeking to terminate their pregnancies because, as it turns out, women who have abortions are confident in their… »5/07/12 3:15pm5/07/12 3:15pm