Madonna To Expand Clothing Line, Try Her Hand At Lingerie

Wannabe WAGs Aren't The Problem Here.

Call girl Jennifer Thompson's parents have apologized to footballer Wayne Rooney's wife for their daughter's dalliances with her husband, but another player claims football culture is to blame. » 9/09/10 9:30am 9/09/10 9:30am

Heartless WAG Banks On Husband's Loss

More on the curse of women around the World Cup: England striker Wayne Rooney and his wife are off to Barbados today, but she booked the trip two days before England was ousted from the tournament. Such betrayal! [DailyMail] » 6/30/10 10:10am 6/30/10 10:10am

How Manscaping Cost England The World Cup

The Daily Fail knows why England's World Cup hopes were crushed yesterday when it lost 4-1 to Germany: forward Wayne Rooney waxed his chest before the game. » 6/28/10 4:30pm 6/28/10 4:30pm

Ladies Get A Special Kind Of World Cup Coverage

The World Cup is a big freakin' deal for soccer fans all over the globe, yet the media somehow manages to forget, as per usual, that women actually watch sports. Well, some women do - others just ruin everything. » 6/14/10 6:00pm 6/14/10 6:00pm

WAGs: A Guide To Footballers' Wives

America is no stranger to high-profile tabloid relationships between athletes and celebrities, with actresses, models, and reality stars dating the likes of Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Lamar Odom, and Tom Brady. But there's one thing America doesn't have: WAGs. » 6/12/10 2:40pm 6/12/10 2:40pm

Watch Out Victoria Beckham: African WAGs are Putting a Stylish Foot…

The Wives and Girlfriends (WAGs) of Footballers (soccer players) enjoy a sort of notoriety in the press. Victoria Beckham is by far the most famous, but a new crop of African women are showing off their glamor as well. » 10/19/09 6:30pm 10/19/09 6:30pm

Peoples Caught In Mad Men Craze; SJP For Halston?

How Long Until Fat-Hating Fashion Stylist Invokes "But I Love Beth…

Mag Hag UK

One of the coolest things about being a blogger loosely connected to pop culture in a foreign country is that you don't feel bad not recognizing the faces on the covers of the women's magazines. Case in point: Denise Van Outen. Apparently she is renowned for flashing her boobs at Prince Charles, stealing an ashtray… » 6/17/08 10:45am 6/17/08 10:45am