Sally Jessy Raphael: 'It's Easy To Do Bad TV...And I Wasn't Up For It'

Former talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael was recently approached by Vulture’s Josef Adalian to discuss her friendship with late talk show host Morton Downey Jr., who’s the subject of a documentary premiering on CNN this week. The juiciest bits, however, are about Raphael’s own career in the industry. » 8/20/15 1:45pm 8/20/15 1:45pm

Ask an Actuary: When Will Don Draper Die?

Don Draper is not long for this world, you guys. He smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish and sexes the ladies like it's going out of style. Not only that, but he's also full of secrets that are assuredly eating away at his heart and brain. The chances of him seeing his 70s are slim to none, as demonstrated by… » 3/06/12 4:45pm 3/06/12 4:45pm