Berlusconi Said Something "Vulgar" About Angela Merkel's Body

And it embarrassed even the notoriously tasteless Daily Mail. The tabloid reports, "The alleged remarks — too vulgar to repeat but referred to sex and Mrs Merkel's physique — were picked up by investigators probing a £660,000 blackmail plot against Mr Berlusconi." He allegedly made them during the same phone call… » 9/14/11 4:50pm 9/14/11 4:50pm

Tim Gunn Will Nod At You Disapprovingly If He Can See Your Ass-Crack

How do we love Tim Gunn? Ah, let us count the ways. #853 would have to be the fact that he believes that plumber's crack is a definite "fashion don't" no matter what your age; that he uses the word "vulgar" beautifully; and that he calls himself a fuddy-duddy. All of the above, well, in the clip above. » 12/10/07 4:30pm 12/10/07 4:30pm