This 12-Year-Old Girl Is Already President In An Alternate Universe

North Carolinian Madison Kimrey is 12 years old and already more articulate and fabulous than 95% of the members of the United States Congress. Case in point: this speech she gave on Monday in protest of the state's idiotic new voting restrictions. And her outfit! If I wasn't so damn impressed by her poise, I'd be… »10/30/13 3:20pm10/30/13 3:20pm

Having a Single Mom Is Worse Than Not Being Able to Vote, Says Dumbass

Maybe it's unfair to call George Will a dumbass; he gives off the vibe that his Soduku skills are nothing to sneeze at and he's probably got a photographic memory for the complex requirements of toupee care (because George Will's scalp cozy looks like it's been pampered like a 24 year old mistress). However, he did… »8/26/13 1:20pm8/26/13 1:20pm

The McCain Campaign, Looking For A Scapegoat In ACORN

This Is George Rhodes, a resident of the Pine Street Inn shelter in Boston, holding up the voter registration form that volunteers at the shelter helped him fill out so that he can vote in this election. Did you feel as proud as George looks when you »10/15/08 12:30pm10/15/08 12:30pm registered to vote? George is one of the people helped by groups…