Did Vogue Russia Photoshop Off This Model's Arm?

It's been a bad month for models' limbs in Vogue. First, Doutzen Kroes lost one of her legs to Vogue China. Now, some people think that the model Natasha Poly is missing an arm on the new cover of Vogue Russia. Maybe it's just behind her head? Either way, it looks funny. In any case, Coco Rocha, herself no stranger to… » 7/18/12 3:20pm 7/18/12 3:20pm

Target Reneges On Promise To End Anti-Gay Donations

  • After Target, which styles itself an LGBT-friendly employer, was caught giving thousands to rabidly anti-gay political candidates, it said it would stop. Well: Target has since given over $30,000 to anti-gay-rights candidates and causes. [The Awl]
  • » 12/22/10 12:15pm 12/22/10 12:15pm

Vogue Russia Dedicates Cover To Putin's Mistress

Vladimir Putin's rumored mistress, that is. Her name is Alina Kabayeva, and she is an Olympic gold-medalist, rhythmic gymnast, and member of the Russian parliament. And the mother of what may be Putin's love child. » 12/13/10 5:56pm 12/13/10 5:56pm

And Now American Apparel Is Being Sued By Its Investors