Vogue Violates Its Own Underage Model Initiative for the Third Time

In May of 2012, Conde Nast international issued a six-point pact stating, among other things, that no edition of Vogue will work with any model under 16. The initiative got off to a bit of a rocky start — the August issue of Vogue China included Ondria Hardin, 15 at the time, in a group editorial; 15-year-old Sarah… » 12/20/13 3:30pm 12/20/13 3:30pm

Did Vogue Already Violate Its Policy Against Hiring Underaged Models?

The August issue of Vogue China includes the model Ondria Hardin in one shot, pictured above, in a group editorial. So far, so much the usual for a rising star in the modeling world. But the problem is that Hardin — at least according to multiple print and online news sources — is not 16 yet. Has Vogue already… » 9/19/12 2:30pm 9/19/12 2:30pm

German Vogue Shows Supermodels Without Photoshop [NSFW]

June is the first month in which Vogue magazine is supposed to live up to the strictures of its new "Health Initiative," a voluntary attempt at self-regulation by the fashion bible's 19 international editions. Vogue will, as of this month, no longer "knowingly hire" models under the age of 16; it will no longer… » 5/29/12 2:30pm 5/29/12 2:30pm