Gross 71-Year-Old Assemblyman Thinks 14-Year-Old Intern Is 'Sexy'

Statutory rape laws, what a drag — am I right or am I RIGHT?? At least that's the opinion of New York Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez. The 71-year-old Democrat from Brooklyn was stripped of all party leadership positions because of unsavory comments he made about the sexiness of a 14-year-old intern. Puke. Even… »3/13/13 9:30am3/13/13 9:30am


Staffer Poses as a Lady Blogger to Defend Assemblyman Against Sexual Harassment Scandal

A New York State Assembly staffer's admirable attempt at subterfuge failed pretty hard on Monday, when it was revealed that he'd impersonated a female blogger in order to more convincingly defend Speaker Sheldon Silver. As some of ye faithful readers may remember, according to the New York Times, Silver had authorized… »9/25/12 9:30am9/25/12 9:30am

Powerful Lawmaker Vito J. Lopez Is Also Allegedly a Power-Tripping Sexual Harasser

Last week, 71-year-old assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, who has headed the Brooklyn Democratic Party since 2005, had his committee chairmanship taken away after being accused of sexually harassing two female office staffers. Although Sheldon Silver, the Assembly speaker, also officially censured Lopez, reduced the size of… »8/30/12 10:25am8/30/12 10:25am