The 20 Most Revolting Special Effects Ever Created [NSFW]


Ever since Star Wars, the special effects industry has taken us to amazing new worlds and recharged our sense of wonder. It's also grossed us the frak out. Exploding heads, severed limbs, strange mutilations... Here are the 20 most disgusting special effects of all time. Warning: NSFW! »11/27/14 1:49pm11/27/14 1:49pm


How Eliot Spitzer's Indiscretions Made His Wife Age Before Our Eyes

Women of a certain age have it hard. They get pushed out of the workforce for younger, "better models." Sometimes their husbands of many decades cheat on them with prostitutes! Which brings us to Silda Wall Spitzer. As the week has worn, the chatter about Eliot Spitzer's accomplished, philanthropic, whip-smart wife —… »3/13/08 11:00am3/13/08 11:00am