Computer-Generated Little Girl Helps Nab Would-Be Sexual Predators

"Sweetie" is a digital decoy designed to trick perverts into thinking they're having webcam sessions with a real live 10-year-old Filipina. In just two months, researchers were able to identify 1,000 people who offered money to the fake profile in exchange for sex acts. » 11/05/13 12:40pm 11/05/13 12:40pm

Why I'm Afraid of Social Tweedia

I love the term the New York Times came up with to describe self-consciously styled lifestyles: "The Over-Propped Life." The Times makes it easy for you: if you own more than three of the "props" in their slideshow — books arranged by color, vintage typewriter, Edison bulb, terrarium, monogrammed towels, taxidermy,… » 5/18/12 4:20pm 5/18/12 4:20pm

Men Inhabit Women's Bodies In Virtual-Reality Experiment

A Barcelona University study put men in virtual reality helmets that made them see themselves in a woman's body. Supposedly this temporarily "affects their behavior and the way they think," but how many dudes were just ogling themselves? [The Guardian] » 5/13/10 11:20am 5/13/10 11:20am

In Defense Of Hentai: Is Rapelay Really Dangerous?

Last week, CNN reported on the continuing availability of Rapelay, a Japanese-made rape simulation video game, online. Over the weekend, animator Nogami Takeshi submitted an open letter in defense of hentai and, by extension, Rapelay. » 4/05/10 10:30am 4/05/10 10:30am


eHarmony has settled a lawsuit brought against the dating site by gay, lesbian, and bisexual singles. The formerly straight-only matchmaking service - founded by evangelical Neil Clark Warren - will send gay customers to their sister-site, Compatible Partners.[UPI] » 1/27/10 9:40am 1/27/10 9:40am

Digital Dreamworlds: Video Games, Vaginaphobia, Sexuality & Fantasy

Are video games suffering from vaginaphobia? A new piece in the Escapist thinks so, but understanding the gaming landscape requires some discussion of discomfort with healthy representations of sexuality, and why so many embrace these manufactured worlds. » 1/06/10 6:40pm 1/06/10 6:40pm

The Real World: Do Virtual Lives 'Count' ?

By now everyone's probably heard about the couple » 11/21/08 5:30pm 11/21/08 5:30pm who divorced after the husband's virtual infidelity in the computer game "Second Life." Obviously, getting involved in these games can have real-life consequences. But for some people, the fantasy becomes reality in a good way: some virtual designers and entrepreneurs…