MTV's Virgin Territory Proves Virgins Are Our New Obsession

Hot on the heels of vampires and cronuts, our nation's next big fixation appears to be VIRGINS (i.e. just regular people who haven't done a couple of very narrowly defined things with their genitals). MTV's new virgin-focused reality show, Virgin Territory, premieres tonight, profiling non-humping young Americans of… »7/16/14 3:30pm7/16/14 3:30pm

Brazilian Woman's Virginity Sold at Auction for $780,000

So, that virgin auction just ended, and we have a winner. And by winner, we mean enormous loser, because what grown man buys a virgin off the internet? He's obviously not looking for a great sexual experience, and if it's for the novelty of having sex with a woman with an intact hymen, that's iffy seeing as that… »10/25/12 10:00am10/25/12 10:00am

70-Year-Old British Cabaret Singer Ready To Lose Her Virginity Now

Although Manchester native Pam Shaw has been performing on the British cabaret circuit for the last 50-odd years as "The Sexsational Pam," the single 70-year-old's long-held stance on premarital sex has cockblocked her from doing much more than "a little kissing," let alone actually Losing It. Not that she didn't have… »5/12/12 1:15pm5/12/12 1:15pm

Extended Virgin Diaries Trailer Loaded With (Extremely Respectful) Sex Innuendo

TLC insists that it totally isn't mocking the folks featured on its upcoming special Virgin Diaries. The trailer makes that abundantly clear by intercutting shots of a virgin describing her hopelessly idealistic image of her wedding night with scenes of her yelling, "I'm scared," and "Ow, it hurts!" while she and her… »12/02/11 1:00pm12/02/11 1:00pm

TLC's Latest Exploitation Victims: Adorable Adult Virgins

30-year-old virgins. A guy who solemnly admits he's "not a virgin entirely by choice." A couple who save their very first kiss for their wedding day. A first kiss so awkward that folks are openly face-palming as the bride and groom smooch at the altar. These elements can only mean one thing: TLC has a new show… »11/28/11 5:30pm11/28/11 5:30pm