Indonesia Still Using Humiliating 'Virginity Tests' on Female Soldiers

Human rights groups are calling on Indonesia to end the practice of requiring “virginity tests” for female military recruits, in which a doctor visually and manually checks for the presence of a hymen. An Indonesian military official told the Guardian the practice was necessary to weed out “naughty” women, while Human… »5/15/15 7:00pm5/15/15 7:00pm

400 Indian Brides-to-Be Forced to Take Virginity Tests at Mass Wedding

Mass weddings have emerged as one of the stranger trends from this decade. They're kind of cool, actually, because they reduce the cost of fun little themed table settings and expensive open bars from which your great uncle steals entire bottles of gin. Or maybe you just hate everyone staring at just you so you feel… »6/10/13 7:00pm6/10/13 7:00pm

Egyptian Court Clears Awful ‘Virginity Test’ Doctor

The BBC is reporting via Egyptian state media that a military court — because those are always conducted by the most fair-minded citizens — has cleared a doctor named Ahmed Adel of charges that he carried out "forced virginity tests" on female protesters at the start of last year's civil unrest in Egypt after a judge… »3/11/12 1:30pm3/11/12 1:30pm

Egypt Reduces Charges Against Doctor Who Performed Virginity Tests

Last week Egypt banned the use of so-called "virginity tests" in military prisons, but it isn't exactly cracking down on those who are accused of performing them. In fact, the charges against Dr. Ahmed Adil al-Mogy, a military doctor accused of performing the tests on female detainees, have been reduced from serious… »1/04/12 11:09pm1/04/12 11:09pm