Shooter's Motive In Virginia Tech Murder-Suicide Remains A Mystery

The victim and gunman in last week's shooting on Virginia Tech's campus have been identified, but there's still no clear indication of why the attack occurred. The victim was 39-year-old police officer Deriek Crouse, an Iraq war veteran and beloved father of five children and stepchildren. He didn't know Ross Truett… »12/11/11 9:16pm12/11/11 9:16pm

Two Dead After Another Shooting At Virginia Tech

Today in an incident that brought up horrible memories of the 2007 massacre on Virginia Tech's campus aside from being horrible in its own right, two people were shot and killed at the university. The school was put on lockdown for four hours this afternoon, which was particularly rattling for students, faculty, and… »12/08/11 9:42pm12/08/11 9:42pm