​Virgin Airlines Attendant Takes The Safety Drill To the Next Level

Remember the super catchy and slightly over the top Virgin America safety video? The one with the shimmying nuns, tutting parents, and baritone-voiced child? » 3/09/14 4:30pm 3/09/14 4:30pm

Richard Branson Serves Juice on the Airline of Your Nightmares

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - MAY 12: Sir Richard Branson serves drinks to Tony Fernandes prior to their flight to Kuala Lumpur at Perth International Airport on May 12, 2013 in Perth, Australia. Branson lost a friendly bet to Fernandez after wagering on which of their Formula One racing teams would finish ahead of each other… » 5/12/13 2:00pm 5/12/13 2:00pm

Virgin Mobile US Pulls Awful Rape-Joke Ad from Website, Richard Branson…

Richard Branson, the perpetually grinning billionaire founder of Virgin, has expressed his dismay on the Virgin blog that a Virgin Mobile US rape-joke advertisement was allowed to run. Though Branson made clear he doesn't own Virgin Mobile US, the company carries the Virgin brand, which means that the company has the… » 12/09/12 4:15pm 12/09/12 4:15pm

We Are Witnessing The End of Snake Men

So remember that part in Jurassic Park after the brachiosaurus sneezed on the girl, when Sam Neill discovers that even though all the dinosaurs are female, they are somehow reproducing? Well now, your favorite snake, the copperhead viper IS DOING THAT SHIT FOR REAL. An ecologist at the University of Tulsa has… » 9/13/12 2:20pm 9/13/12 2:20pm

Virgin Australia Politely Asks Its Flight Attendants to Tone Down the…

Virgin Australia is trying to compete with Qantas for all the fancy-pants business class travelers, a move that has prompted some changes to the standard Australian flight attendant mannerisms. No longer will flight attendants, for example, be allowed to greet passengers with that charming Australianism we… » 7/22/12 4:00pm 7/22/12 4:00pm

Nurse Sues After Coworkers Dub Her The '41-Year-Old Virgin'

The 40-Year-Old Virgin was a pretty funny movie, so of course it's also amusing to learn that a 41-year-old coworker has never had sex. Add in an endometriosis diagnosis and you have a comedy goldmine! » 9/11/11 9:26pm 9/11/11 9:26pm

Virgin With Down Syndrome Visits Las Vegas To Get Laid

In March, we posted about Brit Lucy Baxter, the mother trying to help her son Otto — who has Down Syndrome — lose his virginity. In the June/July issue of Details, writer Jeff Gordinier joins Otto on a trip to Las Vegas, where his intention is to get laid. » 5/28/09 6:00pm 5/28/09 6:00pm

MSNBC Has Made Honest Women Out Of Us

So MSNBC.com has a lil' ol' survey up on its site right now on sex and lying. Ooooh!, your Jezzies thought, We love sex! We love lying! So we took the quiz ourselves to see how we compared against the other survey takers. The pressing questions we had to answer: How often do you fake an orgasm?; If you do, why?; Have… » 10/26/07 7:15pm 10/26/07 7:15pm

Adriana Lima's ability to sell bras? Old news. Adriana Lima's virginity? Also old news. Adriana Lima's ability to sell virginity? Now that's a new one! FOXNews.com quotes 20-year old Kate Jones as saying, "Thanks to Adriana, all my friends and I are advocating chastity. We believe a lot of young girls have forgotten… » 10/01/07 3:45pm 10/01/07 3:45pm