Uh, Is Tyrese Gibson Stealing Other People's Viral Videos for His Own Nefarious Gain?

Facebook videos are a big business. According to their latest statistics, people view videos on the social networking site up to eight billion times a day. But now, a new video calls out Facebook for being dishonest about these numbers—as well as model/actor/singer Tyrese Gibson for being a remorseless thief of viral… »11/12/15 4:00pm11/12/15 4:00pm


Daring Rescue of 18-Month-Old Syrian Refugee Caught On Film

An 18-month-old baby boy is alive today thanks to the efforts of several brave Turkish fishermen who rescued over 15 Syrian refugees after their boat capsized off the coast of Kusadasi, Turkey. The miraculous rescue of the child was captured on video and is now going viral. And, as CNN points out, it’s a “lift” to a… »10/26/15 1:35pm10/26/15 1:35pm

Woman From That Viral Catcalling Video Is Suing Its Director For $500k

The subject of last October’s viral video about catcalling in New York City is suing its directors for “at least $500k,” reports TMZ. Shoshana Roberts, the woman who was filmed walking through the streets of NYC for 10 hours as men harassed her, has filed suit against director Rob Bliss and “anti-street harassment… »7/14/15 3:30pm7/14/15 3:30pm

This Bulldog Singing Frozen's 'Let It Go' Is The Meaning of Life

Philosophers, religious experts, scientists and drunk people on Twitter have pondered the meaning of life for eons. Why are we here? What is this world all about. I can tell you finally, because I am the only one who has figured it out. The meaning of life, the great mystery of why we exist, is for one reason and one… »12/11/14 11:15pm12/11/14 11:15pm

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt Have a Breakdance Conversation

When you're a major Hollywood star, there are lots of boring ways to plug your latest film. You can sit in a nice comfy chair and tell a "funny" story your publicist probably made up about working on the film. Maybe you book a few radio shows or a couple of magazine covers. Or—you tell people about it in a breakdance… »10/16/14 9:30am10/16/14 9:30am