Unhinged Ex Girlfriend's Viral Blog Was Actually A Marketing Hoax

Classic American love story: Boy meets girl. Boy cheats on girl. Girl discovers infidelity. Girl goes batshit crazy, taking out full page ads in college newspaper and starting whole tumblr about it. Boy grovels. Girl vows continued revenge. Girl turns out to be an invention of a record company promoting a new *bItChEs… »1/31/14 7:00pm1/31/14 7:00pm


Viral Marketing For New Ashanti Album Is Ill Advised, At Best

We have no fucking clue what Ashanti, her people, or her record label Universal Music Group were all thinking when they came up with this viral marketing video to promote new album The Declaration, and specifically the video for the single "The Way That I Love You." Apparently, in the video for the song, Ashanti… »6/11/08 10:00am6/11/08 10:00am