How The Black Dot Campaign Grew Into A Dangerous Viral Hoax

The problem with the internet is that it’s very easy to get publicity for a good idea (or a bad one) regardless of it actually existing. Such is the case of the Black Dot Campaign—an effort to identify domestic violence victims in need of help by having them draw small black dots on the center of their palms. While… »10/15/15 12:10pm10/15/15 12:10pm


Kid About to Get a Baby Brother Can't Even Handle His Happiness 

This is Ethan and he's been begging for a sibling since he was two years old. And this year, he's being surprised with the news that yes, Santa is bringing him a baby brother and oh y god he is going to need a moment. He's going to need ten moments. You guys, the club can't even handle this kid right now. »12/24/14 4:25pm12/24/14 4:25pm

This Prank Should Be a Part of Every Bachelor Party

Thanks to bro folklore, movies like The Hangover, and simple observations, the association between bachelor parties and bad behavior is one that's deeply ingrained in America's cultural consciousness (yes, #notallmen, but certainly a lot of them). What we don't think of when we think of bachelor parties is prankery. »11/18/14 4:11pm11/18/14 4:11pm

Pouring a Bucket of Ice Water Over Your Head Won't Cure ALS

The Ice Bucket Challenge is sweeping my Facebook news feed and has gone as far as to be featured the Today Show, so it can now officially be classified as having gone viral. Celebrities like Matt Lauer, Martha Stewart, golfer Michelle Wei and even the digital team have participated in pouring buckets of… »8/07/14 5:00pm8/07/14 5:00pm

Watch This Cattle Auctioneer Become An Accidental Rap God

Why has no one thought to put a dope backing track to auctions before? Is it because it just wasn't something anyone considered or because no one is running auctions like the guy in this video? How close are we to seeing "cowboy rappers" on the charts now that someone has discovered Rhett Parks of Whitewood Livestock?… »5/12/14 12:20pm5/12/14 12:20pm

Waitress Who Faked Anti-Gay Receipt Also Lied About Giving to Charity

A waitress who collected thousands of dollars worth of donations from well-intentioned internet denizens after a picture of a receipt allegedly containing a homophobic note that actually turned out to be fake went viral promised to donate her ill-gotten gains to charity. Except it now looks like she kinda lied about… »12/06/13 3:45pm12/06/13 3:45pm

Watch This Fed-Up Kid's Classroom Outburst and Feel Lots of Feelings

Every now and then you hear a story that sounds like it came straight out of Dead Poets Society: A teacher who deeply cares about his or her students' educations and well-beings comes into a classroom and inspires the kids to learn and love learning. The system tries to sabotage the teacher and maybe they succeed,… »5/10/13 1:30pm5/10/13 1:30pm