Man Says Sorry for Videotaping Underage Girls Through a Mop Bucket

If there was an award for "skeeviest way to take creepshots of underaged girls" (the ceremony would be held at The Quad in Las Vegas), Julio Cesar Olayo, a 38-year-old from Tarrant, Alabama would definitely be in the running. This cunning charmer scored pics of showering teen girls by attaching his cell to a mop… »12/16/14 7:45pm12/16/14 7:45pm

Harvard Med School Cited for Being Generally Neglectful of Its Lab Animals

Just a few days after news that 125 Harvard students were under investigation for allegedly cheating on their cheating invitation take home exam, America's most illustrious and ivy-swaddled university has earned another ocular contusion — the Department of Agriculture has cited Harvard Medical School for mistreating… »9/04/12 11:00am9/04/12 11:00am