RuPaul's 1993 Christmas Spectacular Is Your New Favorite Holiday Special

RuPaul's Christmas Ball was shot for VH1 in 1993, but now that I've discovered it (thanks, Eliot!), I'm pretty sure it's more entertaining than any Christmas special, ever. Not only does it feature RuPaul herself, but other insanely fierce celebrities of the time: Elton John, Taylor Dane, Boy George, Laura… »12/12/11 6:40pm12/12/11 6:40pm

Scenes From The 1987 JCPenney Denim Fashion Show

A station in Philadelphia has been re-running the '80s teen dance show Dancin' on Air, and this video captured by FourFour blogger (and Pot Psychologist) Rich Juzwiak shows what we're missing by living in a time when head to toe denim is neither encouraged nor acceptable. Sadly, one can no longer purchase suspender… »12/09/11 9:30am12/09/11 9:30am

Disco-Dancing Patrick Swayze Encourages You To Drink Pabst

It seems this 1979 commercial starring Patrick Swayze (and wife Lisa Niemi?) was designed to scare and confuse future generations. Why is Swayze doing Dirty Dancing moves in the middle of a roller rink? How did the hipsters in the background lose the disaffected sneer? And why does the announcer call Pabst "good" at… »10/28/11 10:20am10/28/11 10:20am

Sandra Bullock Channels Snooki In 1991 Audition Tape has unearthed an old audition tape featuring a 27-year-old Sandra Bullock, and though I was never really a fan of Miss Congeniality I think watching this clip may have turned me into a Bulliever. In the clip, Sandy performs in bright red lipstick, a Snooki-esque bouffant, and a heavy accent that causes… »10/27/11 6:20pm10/27/11 6:20pm

Sesame Street Clip From 1984 Asks Kids To Explain Computers

Here's a vintage segment from an episode of Sesame Street in 1984 that shows a teacher sitting down with her class and asking them what they know about computers. Before you laugh at how little the kids know about computers, remember that 1984 was the first year Apple started widely promoting their personal… »10/20/11 7:10pm10/20/11 7:10pm

All The Bike Safety Tips A Kid Could Need, In Convenient Rap Form

What we have here is a silly '90s rap about bike safety. The tips are fairly obvious — "ride straight in a line," "don't swerve in front of cars," and "don't ride on handlebars!" And what's the most important rule of all? "Wear your helmet every single time you ride, strap it on, kids, wear your helmet with pride!"… »10/07/11 4:15pm10/07/11 4:15pm

Anne Hathaway, 14, Weeps In Better Homes And Gardens Commercial

Before she was a goofy nerd-turned-princess, Catwoman, or in The Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway was just a girl playing a girl in a commercial, who happened to be in love with her neighbor. The boy reassured her that even though they were selling their house, it would "take time" and that they'd have "the whole… »8/19/11 5:10pm8/19/11 5:10pm

Here's Emma Stone Singing, Circa 2004, For The Chance To Be A Partridge

Well, well, well — now we know that Emma Stone didn't just magically burst onto the scene during the filming of Superbad, all calm, cool, and collected. In 2004 she was just another girl looking to find fame any way she could. And she found it — sort of — on the Vh1 reality series In Search of The Partridge Family. »8/15/11 3:25pm8/15/11 3:25pm