Did This OSU Fan Get Caught On Live TV With Her Sidepiece?

Ohio State and Alabama played a legendary New Year's Day game, in which OSU trounced Alabama in a 42-35 upset, carrying the Buckeyes to the championships or whatever. That's terrific news for OSU fans—except, perhaps, this woman, whose presence was caught on television and who may have just been caught creepin' on… »1/02/15 10:50am1/02/15 10:50am

Teaching Assistant Quits to Twerk, Makes Buckets and Buckets Of Money

If you're checking your email today wondering whether that master's degree was really worth it, I suggest that you don't read this rags to riches story about a woman who went from a career in education to a career as the number one twerker on vine. Because she's literally shaking her bon bons in dough. »10/11/14 12:21pm10/11/14 12:21pm

Insufferable Teen Vine Star Blames AIDS on 'Fags'

Nash Grier, a teenage Vine star who earlier this year made a mockery of your film studies degree by inking a movie deal, has offered a tepid apology for posting a video to the web wherein he blamed the spread of AIDS on "fags." Color me surprised that a kid whose art is characterized by hacky jokes about women and… »7/08/14 11:30am7/08/14 11:30am

Dad's Saturday Morning Vine Compilation is Parenthood in a Nutshell

Vine user Bottlerocket (aka Tony) has garnered quite the following posting silly Vines with his kids. And his three-month Saturday morning compilation of his daughter prancing around to pop music is a beautiful testament to fatherhood and delightfully annoying childhood. »4/06/14 6:01pm4/06/14 6:01pm

Gotta love dads saying they're not annoyed…

These Netflix Suggestions for Shows Like Scandal Are Hilariously Bad

Oh dear. Oh dear, dear, dear. You know all those times you've laughed at those hilariously awful "suggestions" for "more shows like..." that show you are currently watching on your chosen online video player of choice? Well, they're nothing like these "suggestions" for shows like Scandal from Apple TV Netflix, which… »1/07/14 10:30pm1/07/14 10:30pm

If You Want To Forget Something, Instagram The Hell Out Of It

Thanks to the ubiquity of digital photo capturing devices, nothing need go undocumented. Food? Instagram that shit. Baby? Vines or it didn't happen. Engagements? #NoFilter #OMG And tag your new fiancee or otherwise no one will know. But although the intention of photographing everything from the banal to the momentous… »12/10/13 1:20pm12/10/13 1:20pm

Someone Has Created an Unholy Cross Between Vine and Tinder

If there's one thing we've learned from this whole #StarbucksDrakeHands ordeal, it's that people on the search for love respond very positively to selfie videos. From such sentiments was birthed Charm, the mutant offspring of the dating app Tinder and the video-sharing app Vine. I know, I know; we are all thinking… »10/18/13 4:10pm10/18/13 4:10pm