How Goldman Sachs Invested in Child Sex Trafficking

Investment bank Goldman Sachs isn't one of America's most popular institutions right now—given the country's anti-Wall Street sentiment and their participation in the near total collapse of the global economy. And now things are about to get a teensy bit worse for them. After a little digging, Nick Kristof of the New… » 4/02/12 11:20am 4/02/12 11:20am

The Trouble With Child Sex Trafficking Statistics

The Village Voice Media-owned City Pages has published a 3,000-word cover story debunking recent numbers showing a rise in child sex trafficking online. While it's quite damning to the group that put together the "study," the company is hardly an impartial actor here: Its Backpage.com has long been the target of… » 3/24/11 10:26am 3/24/11 10:26am