Rocker and party expert Andrew W. K. has been writing an advice column for the Village Voice for several months now, and it's an absolute goddamn treasure. If you're not convinced based on that one hyperbolic-sounding sentence, a quick read of this recent column to a teenage girl whose boyfriend is mean to her should… » 8/07/14 1:30pm 8/07/14 1:30pm

Judge Dismisses Sex Trafficking Complicity Suit Against Village Voice…

A judge has dismissed the lawsuit brought by teenager trafficked into prostitution against, which hosted ads that included nude photographs of the minor. » 8/17/11 4:30pm 8/17/11 4:30pm

Ashton Kutcher Blasts The Village Voice On Twitter

Ashton Kutcher has responded to the Village Voice's takedown of reported numbers on child sex trafficking, which also criticized his advocacy work. » 6/30/11 4:35pm 6/30/11 4:35pm

Jersey Shore Guys Not Gay, Starting "Couture" Clothing Line

This week's "Queer Issue" of the Village Voice includes a story about "down-low" Guidos in Jersey, yet the cover features three straight guys from Jersey Shore, who posed for the photo without knowing—and without shirts—how it'd be used. » 6/23/10 3:20pm 6/23/10 3:20pm

The Tragic Failure Of America's Women

Love it: "...the more they are involved with careers, the more they are idle, the more they are childless, the more they are fashionably dressed... the longer is the list of their troubles." [Village Voice] » 5/07/09 11:40am 5/07/09 11:40am

Unusual Girl Crush: Lynn Yaeger

It was with horror and chagrin that we learned recently that the struggling Village Voice has ended the 30-year run of fashion writer Lynn Yaeger's "Frock Star" column(formerly "Elements of Style"), one of the most unique and awesome voices in mode journalism. For those of you unfamiliar with Yeager's idiosyncratic… » 1/02/09 4:40pm 1/02/09 4:40pm

Paris Hilton: Fashionista Recession-Fighter

Meet The Headbanging, Bad-Ass Ladies Of Girls Rock!

Village Voice critic Vadim Rizov calls new movie Girls Rock! a "dreary doc" that "does little more than underline the talking points." But we think it looks awesome. It's about the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls, where 8- to 18-year-olds from all over the country form bands — and get a boost of self-esteem.… » 3/06/08 2:30pm 3/06/08 2:30pm