Vietnam May Get Domestic Partnerships, Still Repressive Elsewise

LGBT rights are coming to Vietnam much more quickly than other parts of Southeast Asia. The Communist Party of Vietnam has not interfered with gay rights activists nor prohibited pride parades (pictured above). The National Assembly is even finishing up debate on same-sex marriage or civil unions. However, critics… » 4/20/14 10:58pm 4/20/14 10:58pm

Human Trafficking Victims Working in Plain Sight at U.K. Nail Salons

Despite the floundering economy, nail salons are going forth and prospering all across the UK. In the past year, the number of new manicure outlets has increased by 20 percent. Some in the beauty industry have cheerfully — and naively — chalked this up to the makeup being "recession proof." In reality, though,… » 8/20/13 4:10pm 8/20/13 4:10pm

Surprisingly, Vietnam Might Legalize Same-Sex Marriage Pretty Soon

Vietnam could, through an interesting confluence of government policy and national journalism, be on track to legalize same-sex marriage, something that would set it apart from other countries in Southeast Asia where the issue, according to the AP, hasn't really been up for debate. The Justice Ministry recently… » 7/29/12 4:00pm 7/29/12 4:00pm

Mom With Crying Baby Unwisely Uses the Emergency Exit to Get Off the…

There is nothing that makes you more desperate to escape the claustrophobic confines of an airplane than a screaming child. It can certainly feel like an emergency when one is in the vicinity, but one woman in Vietnam got a little carried away with the urgency of the situation. Her child was screaming and she wanted… » 2/16/12 11:15pm 2/16/12 11:15pm

Why Don't Asian Women Want To Get Married?

Long have advocates of the traditional family unit bemoaned the death of marriage and long have internet smart alecks made fun of their ridiculous claims that it's being destroyed by gays, divorce, or the Kardashians. While the institution of marriage is changing in America, in Asia, it's sharply growing more and more… » 8/21/11 12:31pm 8/21/11 12:31pm

Many Egyptian Men Think Women Deserve To Be Harassed

In a recent survey that could hurt Egypt's tourism industry, two-thirds of Egyptian men admit to harassing women and most of them blame women for wearing tight clothes and not being home by 8 pm. Of course, harassment is defined as everything from hollering at and ogling women to whipping it out and groping (more… » 7/18/08 6:00pm 7/18/08 6:00pm