Male Nude Art History Features A Lot of "Put A Fig Leaf Over That Shit"

A new exhibit called "Naked Men" (yeah, but tell me what it's ABOUT) opened yesterday at the Leopold Museum in Vienna, featuring about 300 pieces that serve as a chronological journey through the male nude in Western art — but after numerous complaints about the Leopold's print ads, which featured three naked men… » 10/20/12 5:15pm 10/20/12 5:15pm

Be Our Guest

Models perform on the catwalk during the opening ceremony of the 20th Life Ball in front of the city hall in Vienna, Austria, on Saturday, May 19, 2012. The Life Ball is a charity gala to raise money for people living with HIV and AIDS. (AP Photo/Ronald Zak) » 5/20/12 2:30pm 5/20/12 2:30pm

Emmy Gets Naked; Lindsay Says She Was Set Up

This Week In Tabloids: Jen & Angie Adopting Daughters; Levi & Bristol…

Welcome back to Midweek Madness! We read Star, In Touch, Us, Ok! and Life & Style, and found out the name of Angelina's new kid, the truth about Megan Fox's face and what Sarah Palin doesn't know about Bristol. » 6/23/10 2:20pm 6/23/10 2:20pm

Separate While Unequal: Tricky Women Festival Seeks To Fix Art World…

"Mei Ling, an idle young Chinese woman, lives alone in her flat, waiting for her lover. One day, she finds a little octopus in the kitchen sink. She decides to adopt it to avoid boredom. The octopus grows up..." » 3/06/10 3:40pm 3/06/10 3:40pm

Johnny Depp Is A Terrible Dancer; Details About Sarah Palin's TV Show…