Your Childhood Theory Lucky Charms was Gay Friendly is Totes True

You probably always suspected all those colors and shapes and rainbows in breakfast cereal Lucky Charms were secretly supporting you each morning with a queerdom affirming presentation of its many necessary vitamins and minerals. Part of a completely gay breakfast. Well, you'd be right. Maybe. » 6/05/14 10:55pm 6/05/14 10:55pm

New Web Series 'BROTHERS' Shares The Stories of Trans Men

Some might argue that transgender characters, and their actors and actresses, have made it in the media, the way gay and lesbian characters have made it before. However, this is premature. The case can be made that while trans women actresses and the transgender characters they play are finally getting the recognition… » 6/02/14 11:04pm 6/02/14 11:04pm

How This Family Has Supported Their Trans Child is Truly Inspiring

In this video and photo montage, the Whittington family chronicles the young life of their transgender son, Ryland, through not only his transition, but also through the recovery of hearing prior to his transition. It's a powerful statement about the normalcy of transgender individuals. Ryland is a typical child in… » 6/01/14 11:31pm 6/01/14 11:31pm

This Amazing Impromptu Jam Session Will Make Your Afternoon

If you're into improvised jam sessions happening in front of grocery stores, you'd better head to Dallas, Texas because there's some good stuff happening in front of the local Kroger. This video, captured by a man on his way to the supermarket, shows a street musician playing acoustic guitar and singing. Ok, you… » 5/17/14 12:52pm 5/17/14 12:52pm

Watch This Cattle Auctioneer Become An Accidental Rap God

Why has no one thought to put a dope backing track to auctions before? Is it because it just wasn't something anyone considered or because no one is running auctions like the guy in this video? How close are we to seeing "cowboy rappers" on the charts now that someone has discovered Rhett Parks of Whitewood Livestock?… » 5/12/14 12:20pm 5/12/14 12:20pm

Watch This Guy Eat 100 Peeps in Only Two Minutes

The best part about holidays (besides that some of them come with presents and some of them come with your parents going on a cruise and leaving you alone) is that there's often some kind of food challenge that goes along with the festivities. On Independence day people force hundreds of hot dogs down their throats… » 4/19/14 2:24pm 4/19/14 2:24pm