Victoria's Secret's Photoshopping Criticized Yet Again

This image of Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro in the new Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria campaign has drawn plenty of criticism on the brand's own Facebook page. The photo has attracted some 1,913 comments and counting, most of which are extremely negative, and nearly all of which lay the blame in a single word:… » 8/17/12 5:15pm 8/17/12 5:15pm

Victoria's Secret Bikini Comes With Fake Boob Dickey

In a recent email, Victoria's Secret unveiled an amazing innovation in bikinis. Now instead of trying to push your breasts up, you can cover them up with a cleavage illustration. The printed fabric gives you the illusion of a perfectly spherical bosom while simultaneously protecting your chest from harmful UV exposure. » 5/06/11 11:50am 5/06/11 11:50am